Adverture Programs

Adventure Programs



 All our Adventure Programs require qualified instructors approved by 4-H Camp Ohio.  Instructor training are offered thru 4-H Camp Ohio, if interested please contact the camp or High Ropes Facilitator Basic Introductory Training and Adventure Activities Leadership Training



These experiences provide opportunities for small groups to cooperatively decide on a solution to a carefully designed problem and to then carry out their plan of action as quickly and efficiently as possible. Team challenge gets campers talking, listening, caring, sharing, trusting, accepting and much more. We do this activity with many age groups – from the young 5th grader to the CEO of a major corporation.


Each participant is fitted with a harness and helmet. A three-person back-up belay system is used as they climb the ladder for an exciting trip down a cable suspended from a pulley. Lots of fun!


Held at the zipline tower. Each participant is fitted with a climbing harness and helmet. A three-person back-up belay system is used as they climb up a 25’ wall, ring the bell and are belayed back down.


Held at the zip tower. Again each participant is fitted with harness and helmet, belayed up to the top of the tower and rappelled down about 30’.


The high ropes course is offered to campers 12 years old and up and at least ? feet tall. Sixteen different elements that are 30 or more feet in the air challenge participants to push their limits. This experience also includes a ride down our 300+ foot zipline. Campers are fitted with harness and helmet plus 2 sling lines and are then belayed up onto the course. You need to plan at least 3 hours for this program. It also requires an extra fee. Participants must be in good physical condition.


This climbing wall takes the participants horizontally across the initiative. Students are only a couple of feet off the ground. No harnesses are required for this activity.