Nature & Environmental Study Programs

Nature & Environmental Study Programs


The following programs are offered curriculum as part of the Nature studies. Taught by trained Program Instructors. A Hawk Award is given to campers who complete 6 hours of nature classes. There are 5 different patches to collect!

2014 nature programs



BUG HUNT Grab a net and catch them if you can! Campers learn about different classifications of insects and identification by use of dichotomous keys.  (1 hour class)


GEOCACHING A fun adventure treasure hunt using new Garmin eTrex 10 GPS units, campers will learn about GPS and how to use it. Then they take this knowledge and go on a treasure hunt around camp. (1 hour class)


NATURE GAMES Discover the senses, camouflage, conservation and survival during this class. Games will vary depending on class but fun will be a constant! (1 hour class)


NATURE HIKE Explore 4-H Camp Ohio through a nature hike. See who lives in and around camp while playing nature games on your hike. (1 or 2 hour class)


NIGHT HIKE Use your senses to explore the nature that inhabits the darkness and listen to night time creatures. (1 hour class)


POND/FISHING Learn about pond ecology and find and identify organisms found in the pond. Fish handling and pole rigging is included. (1 or 2 hour class)


ROTTEN LOG Participants will discover the importance of a rotting log in the ecosystem. Animal identification and signs, entomology, and conservation are discussed. (1 hour class)


STREAM STUDIES Discuss stream ecology, collect and identify organisms found in the stream. (1 hour class)


WETLAND STUDIES By exploring what is in 4-H Camp Ohio's wetland, students will discover what types of animals and plant life that inhabit the wetland. (1 hour class)


WILD EDIBLES Learn to identify common wild edibles. Come to this class to eat and cook the wild edibles. (1 or 2 hour class)


WILDERNESS SURVIVAL Discover basic survival skills in the out-of-doors. Includes fire building, compass information, first aid and simple shelter building. (1 hour class)