The first Ohio 4-H Camp was held in 1920. The two week camp involved forty 4-H boys and their advisors to attend the first week and forty eight 4-H girls and their advisors attended the second week.  Facilities were crude, campers slept in tents on the ground with wool sacks stuffed with straw as mattresses.  The cooking and eating was outdoors.

4-H Camp Ohio Youth Education Center was established in 1928 when several 4-H Extension Agents (now titled as Educators) each contributed $500 of their own money to buy 129 acres for $1,632.67. Later, The Hawke Farm (92 acres) was purchased for $8,500.  The Hersman property (11 acres) was purchased for $1,500.  The Brice Jones Farm (37 acres) purchased for $1,295.  The Colville Farm (81 acres) was purchased for $50,000. 

In 1935 cost of constructing the 40 X 70 foot swimming pool was $3,750.  Camps attending:  Conservation Camp for extension workers.  Farmer’s Institute, Grange Farm Bureau, Rural Ministers, Senior County Camp, Junior County Camp, Farm Women, and Knox County.

In 1948 the completion of the new recreation hall was reported with a cost of $4,213.32.  To finance the construction, War Bonds were sold.  By 1954 camp consisted of a dining hall, recreation building, 12 sleeping cabins, a director’s cottage plus several other small buildings.  Counties using the camp were:  Franklin, Ashland, Holmes, Delaware, Morrow, Perry, Hancock, Muskingum, Hardin, Knox, Coshocton and Licking.

In 1964 the current concrete drive-over bridge was constructed.  It was designed to allow water to flow underneath; then during high water times, the water could go over top without washing it away.  This was donated by friend of 4-H Camp Ohio from Coshocton County.  In 1967 camping season began May 19th and ended September 24. 

1968 began 4-H Camp Ohio’s first school system to utilize its programs.  Heath Schools were the first to take part in the school programs.  School programs utilize camp starting in April ending in June and again starting in September and ending in November.

In 1978 4-H Camp Ohio received accreditation from the American Camp Association (ACA).  The ACA is the top national youth camping association in the USA.

On January 31, 1989 the 4-H Camp Ohio Corporation adopted the following membership for the board of trustees. The management and control of this corporation shall be vested in the Board of Trustees which shall consist of twelve (12) people. Seven (7) shall be members of the Ohio State University Extension and five (5) shall not be employees of the Ohio State University Extension.